The value of Disruption

There’s a website I like and follow which is LetMego that has, in my opinion, a very innovative service. It is one of those rare websites that come along every now and then that tries to solve a problem you probably didn’t even know existed.

This is extremely valuable since when someone offers a solution to an otherwise ‘inexistent’ problem, it doesn’t mean that such problem never existed before. On the contrary, it usually means that the current model is so established in people’s mind that it blinds them of an alternative and sometimes better way of doing things.

The dark side of settling for only one model and not questioning the status quou is that it leads to a lack of innovation. It leads to big players imposing their ideas and dictating how users should behave instead of listening to what they are really saying.

Take LetMego for example. For years users have been looking for accommodation online by browsing tens if not hundreds of different hotel’s websites, looking for reviews, sending out mails to each one of them, etc. From a personal point of view, I simply accepted that this was how this industry worked and never even questioned if there was a better way of looking for accommodations online. Some people tried to organize this information into a single centralized website, but the model was basically the same. I still had to manually search through many accommodation options.

With that in mind, here is something to think about which I believe to be at the heart of Letmego’s philosophy… Why should the customer be left with the labor intensive task of sorting through hundreds of different accommodation options?

As a side note, I have no relation whatsoever to the LetMego website or any of its employees. This is just my personal take on what I believe to be a great, innovative startup.

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One response to “The value of Disruption

  1. Spot on with this write-up, I actually assume this website wants way more consideration. I’ll in all probability be once more to learn much more, thanks for that info.

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