To be or not be (social)

In the process of developing Spekios, we were forced to make a decision in whether to include social features to the site or not. Since pretty much everything is around social nowadays, we thought this was a no-brainer and we should indeed add all of the social features users have become accustomed to (user profiles, “like” and “follow” buttons, list of friends, etc).

As time passed, we let this idea sink in and ended up moving away from it. Why? Not everything is about being social, nor does it need to be. It’s easy to fall into the temptation of building yet another social site, but do users really need it? As we see it, the more social Spekios becomes, the more it moves away from our mail goal of bringing together buyers and sellers. People aren’t looking to make friends when they want to buy a new couch or sell their old bicycle. We see social features as a distraction to users in our site.

Bottom line, we removed any unnecessary social features from Spekios and just left it with the bare minimum, like an internal messaging system so users can interact without giving away their personal information and a profile page with a (very) basic summary of what the user has bought and sold online.


2 responses to “To be or not be (social)

  1. Is it possible that people _don’t_ want to buy and sell from people they know?

    • I guess the only way to find out is wait and see if these new friend recommendation buying sites catch on or not.
      I think it could be an interesting service, but I’m not sure people want to divulge -everything- they buy online.

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